Be convincing.  We all know that convincing our friends to take a well-needed trip is like pulling teeth, let alone organizing it. Travelling is an escape from the travails of city life into the heart of nature. There is this internal yearning among a lot of us, an unspeakable agony, to get away, to go to places unseen and meet people unknown. To disappear into the heart of the mountains, to breathe in that pristine air, or perhaps to walk along the soft white sands of serene beaches by the capricious sea. Often, solo travelling is a joy and teaches you much about the world, but there are times when the companionship of friends can make your travels more hearty, soulful even.

Here are ways to help convince your friends that their presence is well needed in a 2019 trip.

Provide dates & costs

This is a two in one, but they coincide. This is the most important step in convincing your friend(s) to travel with you. Give them a solid 6-12 months before the departure date. Knowing this, they will actually take you seriously. Also, make sure to have done your research in cost on the flight (if flights are needed) and or group tour and anything else. The dates will give your friend (and yourself) time to save up and get your money organized for the trip. A solid plan is a convincing plan.

Get into the trip details

Yes, convincing a friend to go on a trip that will hit their pockets financially will need a full-fledged agenda.  You can’t just say “let’s go to Ghana and sit on the beach for a week”.. for some that may just work, but for many, you need more ammo. Explain why it’s important for you all to go on this trip, the things that you plan to see and places you will go. However, be careful not to overdo it with activities, because remember “leisure” does mean leisure.

Travelling With Friends

Highlight all the FREE stuff

If you have to fly to another country and have somewhere to stay for free then make sure to highlight this! Highlight that the beach or activities are inches from your doorstep so there will be no transportation costs…

Make a mood board together: Visualising your dream trip will help it to feel more real, plus it’s also a super cute way of strengthening your friendship and creating something that you can both be proud of. When it comes down to the actual planning, it will come in super handy as you can put activities that you both want to do on there and make sure you’ve ticked at least most of them off your itinerary. I mean, what says ‘I appreciate you’ more than little arts and crafts, or a lovingly curated Pinterest board.