Discover exciting experiences and things to do

Whether you’re planning a date night or an event with friends, you will be sure to find something to do that everyone will love.


Unforgettable, immersive culinary experiences. Join intimate culinary experiences led by passionate hosts and chefs that will take your that will take your breath away.

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Looking to explore the rich heritage of this continent? Browse our collection of experiences to suit your interests and should check out on your next visit.


Explore some of our favorite landmarks and cities, from tour operators and institutions that know these places best and have an unforgettable experience


Log off & embark on an outdoor adventure. Choose from a range of outside activities from bungee jumping, hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and much more ...

Nomatter who you are travelling with

Whether you’re three generations’ worth of family looking to connect over ancient cultures, a group of friends looking to unearth your next adventure – or a little bit of both coming together to raise a toast; we've got the perfect experience for you.


Experiences from museum memberships to sporting passes, can give your kids more than just another object for their playroom.


Traveling solo not only opens your mind to new adventures and experiences, but to new friendships and connections.


Whether strolling along powder-soft white sands or hiking atop mountains and watching the sunrise, there’s something for you.


Expertly crafted to encompass everything from celebrating life’s biggest milestones that you won’t soon forget.


We know what it takes to make sure both your 3 year old niece and 80 year old grandparents enjoy the experience just as much as each other.

Whatever your travel style

As the world becomes busier, faster, and more connected, there are so many ways to get around. It’s all about taking the time to connect with your surroundings – the people, culture, and place, however you want.


Your own dates and travel companions with an unparalleled spectrum of customized experiences.


Experiences depart on set, non-negotiable dates, feature a circuit of attractions bundled around a theme.

Self Guided

Experiences are perfect for travelers who savor their independence and like a touch of convenience and luxury.


With expert advice on tap all the way, a guided trip is a safe, fun and friendly way to travel.

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