Find the perfect multi-day trip, with none of the planning

Whether you're looking to invest some serious money in your next trip or you're more of a backpacker keen to explore off the beaten path destinations.

Culinary Trips

Feast your eyes on these foodie walking tours, which reveal the flavours – and culture – of cities from Johannesburg to Dar es Salama, Accra to Nairobi.

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Culture Trips

From the pyramids in Cairo and their mysteries, passing Great Zimbabwe with its splendid views immersive yourself in experiences that fuel your wanderlust.

Outdoor Trips

These trips can include activities such as river rafting, mountain biking, horse riding, canoeing, hiking or cycling.


Road trips are a fantastic way to see a country, from north to south, east to west, across mountain passes, coastal roads, empty hinterlands and more.


From yoga retreats in the mountains to silent meditation classes, you can find something tailored for you.

Nomatter who you are travelling with

Whether you’re three generations’ worth of family looking to connect over ancient cultures, a group of friends looking to unearth your next adventure – or a little bit of both coming together to raise a toast; we've got the perfect trip for you.


If you're ready to explore some of Africa's incredible destinations but can't find a travel buddy.


Get away to Lagos or Victoria Falls with your partner on a trip suited perfectly for the two of you.


Explore trips crafted so that entire families can travel together.


Taking a trip with your best friends can be a vibrant, happy experience, full of laughter and fun, no matter what the location.

Whatever your travel style

As the world becomes busier, faster, and more connected, there are so many ways to get around. It’s all about taking the time to connect with your surroundings – the people, culture, and place, however you want.


Your own dates and travel companions with an unparalleled spectrum of customized multi-day trips.


Trips depart on set, non-negotiable dates, feature a circuit of popular attractions bundled around a theme.


With expert advice on tap all the way, a guided trip is a safe, fun and friendly way to travel.

Self Guided

Travel independently with all the arrangements and logistics taken care of for you.


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